Someone has been trying to grow a more or less decent bunch of hair for years, and these babies from birth have a smart pile!

These children are famous all over the world for their luxurious hair. We look, admire and be enamored – how generous can be nature on hair for babies!

Does your crumbs also have gorgeous hair? Send a photo!

Mia Aflalo from Israel may well claim to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

Mami Kano from Japan has shot a shampoo ad in a year

Little Junior Noon from Great Britain looks like a cute little bear – his mother admitted that in the family they call him Baby Bear. But even the cubs would envy such a luxurious head of hair.

Thanks to his thick and long hair, baby Theo has become a star at seven months! Many believed that the boy wears a wig, but no – this hair by nature