We cannot remember what happened to us in infancy. But many people would like to know when a child has his very first memories and what factors can influence this.

The answer to the question “Why do we not remember anything from our infancy?” Is quite simple. If you do not go into details: infantile amnesia was inherent in each of us . It is more difficult to understand what kind of mechanism it has, where its borders are, and why humankind generally needs it.

There are a lot of works devoted to this topic. True, the beliefs of researchers in this area often contradict each other. Because the topic is still controversial. “Letidor” selected with the most curious explanations why adults do not have memories of early childhood. And, of course, I found in the writings of scientists the answer to the question – at what age can a child really remember himself?

And for those who do not believe in infantile amnesia and claims to remember almost from the maternity hospital, we also have an interesting fact – at the very end of the article.

Why not remember means – to survive

Most researchers believe that infantile amnesia plays an important role in human life – protective . Psychologists and scientists from other areas have found a convincing explanation for this fact.

First, birth is, in fact, psychological trauma for a newborn. And to survive, it must be forgotten.

Secondly, the baby is born being helpless and completely dependent on adults. It is with modern medicine that infant mortality has declined substantially, and for centuries, newborns were considered as a venture project – maybe it will survive, and maybe it will die.

If the brain and the nervous system of the newborn were ready to recognize and remember all the numerous threats to life, to which he still cannot even respond, his mind would simply not withstand.