Little Nikita was the son of Lorak

Fans began to suspect that Ani Lorak had a secret affair with a Russian artist. Lorak even gave birth to her beloved son, and Murat was just a cover. Sends Clutch .

After the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak filed for divorce from her husband Murat Nalchadzhioglu, the network does not cease to buzz about her personal life. The singer is credited with the novel by Philip Kirkorov and Araz Agalarov, but her close relationship with Sergey Lazarev is most suspicious. 

Some fans went further, and began to suspect that the son Nikita, whom Sergei is raising alone, was born to him by Caroline. The couple, allegedly, together for many years, but does not want to show his romance to the public.

In discussions in the network, the singer’s fans expressed the opinion that Lazarev and Lorak had been deceiving the public for years in order to live peacefully without camera sights. And the current spouse of the singer Murat was, in their opinion, just a cover.“They say that they were married a long time ago, and Murat was a cover for Caroline. And Sergey’s child is from Lorak”, “Does he have a child, do you think the man gave birth to him? He’s long married to Lorak”, and I don’t need to say anything “- Lazarev’s subscribers suggested.

sers do not exclude that allegedly Sergey and Karolina provided their biological material, and the surrogate mother carried the child. Others considered this idea to be frank nonsense: “You can’t imagine any more nonsense, but Ani is not even divorced yet.”