Three leopard cubs were luckily rescued by Wildlife SOS as well as the Woodland Division from a sugarcane field in Nagargaon town situated in Shirur variety, Maharashtra. The little twenty-five day old cubs were maintained under monitoring for a couple of hrs as well as later on effectively rejoined with their mother.

Harvest period in Maharashtra typically accompanies leopard cub period, which places both human beings as well as these sensational evasive huge felines in an instead delicate as well as contradictory scenario. Sugarcane areas promote an appropriate sanctuary where women leopards can reproduce as well as this functions as a safe house for their cubs from various other killers. Nevertheless, these cubs encounter the threat of being revealed to sugarcane farmers, specifically throughout the harvest period.

On Tuesday, regional sugarcane farmers in Nagargaon town came across three little leopard cubs while collecting their plants. The Woodland Division as well as the Wildlife SOS group running out of the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center were quickly informed to this case as well as both groups right away prepared for the rescue goal.

The leopards, one man as well as 2 ladies, were found to be healthy as well as all set to return to their mum. As leopards are territorial pets it is important to launch them near to where they were originally found. The cubs were thoroughly positioned in a risk-free box as well as the group set up a remote regulated video camera catch to record the get-together procedure, while keeping track of the location from a range.

“The mother must have been searching for her cubs, as within a few minutes she was able to sniff them out. On reaching the crate, she patiently waited to ensure no danger stood in the way, and then she cleverly used her paws to carefully tip it over. She then moved them to a safer location. Wildlife SOS makes every effort to make rescue and reunion operations possible,” claimed Dr. Ajay Deshmukh, Elder Vet at the Wildlife SOS Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Facility in an e-mail sent out to WAN.

Kartick Satyanarayan, Founder as well as Chief Executive Officer of Wildlife SOS claimed, “The harvest season in the state of Maharashtra witnesses higher instances of leopard sightings because the farmers move into the fields to cut down the long sugarcane stalks. We are grateful to the villagers who took the right step by informing the Forest Department. The team aims at working closely with the Forest Department to raise awareness among the villagers to promote a positive attitude towards leopards and endorse a feeling of co-existence.”

“Such incidents are quite common for villagers residing near the scrub forests of Maharashtra, which is the natural habitat of a large population of leopards. The Wildlife SOS team was highly trained and very helpful in guiding us through handling the cubs. It’s reassuring to know that the cubs will be raised in the wild by their mother and thereby have a good chance at a free life in the wild,” claimed Manohar Ramdev Mhasekar, RFO, Shirur.

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Breaking! Three Leopard Cubs That Were Found In A Sugarcane Field Reunite With Their Mother After Being Rescued By Wildlife SOS