Ukrainian media have found out who 7-year-old Sophia will remain with after the divorce of Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchadzhioglu. This writes Clutch .

Recently it became known that the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak filed documents for divorce to the Shevchenko court in Kiev on December 4. The hearing was held on December 24th. As you know, a celebrity divorces her husband Murat Nalchadzhioglu because of his many betrayals, which became public after Murat was caught with Kiev party girl Yana Belyaevoy.

The lawyer said that after the meeting, scheduled for Thursday, January 31, the girl is likely to stay with her mother.”A child may not stay with his mother, if she has problems with drugs or alcohol. If there are no such problems, but she also has no means, then the court can theoretically decide in favor of the father. If everything is normal, then the child remains with her mother 14 years, and after that he himself chooses with whom he should live, “the lawyer explained.

Earlier it was reported that the scandalous Ukrainian singer  Ani Lorak , who now lives and actively builds a career in Russia, and also travels to Russian cities with concerts, presenting her show “Diva”, decided once again to stir up the interest of the public to her person. So on Tuesday, January 29, Lorak published a very controversial post on his side in the Instagram social network.

The artist has published a picture in which she is dressed in a completely black outfit and wrote: “Every day gives us new colors. How are you doing?”. 

In the photo, Ani Lorak with a slight smile, but sadness can be read in her eyes. And upon careful examination of the picture, you can see black circles under her eyes, as if she could not sleep for several days. Maybe the actress got sick or cried all night.