It’s one thing if acne plagued you in your teens. Another, if you steal funds from acne from your child.

Experts in one voice claim that the treatment of problem skin, especially acne in adulthood, requires a systematic approach. After all, in order for this difficult mission to become feasible, not only care is important – you need to be examined, correct somatic diseases, diet and life, and also find a good specialist who owns professional hardware and injection techniques.

“Letidor” asked Darius Tyutchev, MD, cosmetologist, dermatologist, and trichologist at GMTClinic German Medical Technology Clinic to talk about the most popular myths about problem skin and acne.

Myth # 1: cleansing is not recommended for acne skin.

I am not a definitive opponent of the “purges”. In some cases it is necessary. However, the procedure should be performed by a specialist.

It is important to evaluate whether it is worth removing the inflammatory element on the skin or not.

Sometimes the regression is on the path of “resorption” in the tissues, in which case there will be no purulent head on the skin surface. Often, rashes on the skin of the neck behave in a similar way, so an attempt at “opening” only worsens the situation.

After the procedure of cleaning the face in the clinic, the doctor often uses anti-inflammatory programs on laser and photo systems, which significantly speeds up healing.

Myth number 2: use home appliances for cleaning is dangerous for the skin

Of course, but only with an active inflammatory process.In the presence of purulent elements, the use of rapidly rotating brushes, hard sponge, etc., can aggravate the situation.

The use of home hardware systems for skin cleaning, in my opinion, is permissible only at the posture stage, when a person has stagnant spots, pigment, scars.

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Myth number 3: the use of decorative cosmetics with a masking effect aggravates the situation

This is partly true. It is not recommended to actively use decorative cosmetics, but, as a rule, patients violate this rule. How to be? Use acne treatment with a “masking effect”.Look at the products of specialized brands that can be found in the pharmacy.

An important rule for everyone, especially those with problem skin, acne skin: keep track of the shelf life of products, give preference to the fact that in a sealed package, apply them with disposable sponges, cosmetic sticks.

Myth number 4: to wash the skin before the squeak is harmful

It all depends on the condition of the skin. But, of course, not to get involved.

If your skin is thin, dry, prone to rosacea, too frequent use of aggressive scrubs can lead to microtraumas, which is undesirable in the presence of rash on the face.

If hyperkeratosis is pronounced, the sebaceous glands are very active, the process of blocking the duct of the sebaceous gland is leading in the pathogenesis of acne.Therefore, high-quality cleansing of the skin, even with the use of abrasive products, is simply necessary.

Myth number 5: the sun heals the skin

Owners of problem skin, I recommend very carefully to treat the effects of UV, as after insolation not only increases the risk of pigmentation, but also reduces the local immunity of the skin.After 4-5 weeks after active sun, patients have exacerbation of acne.