b If the need for face creams is no longer in doubt, many still ignore the stage of toning the skin in the daily beauty ritual.

This is an unforgivable mistake, experts say. Maria Sagaidak, aesthetic cosmetologist at the TORI, told the readers of Letidor what tonics are needed for and what they are like.

Maria Sagaidak, esthetic cosmetologist at TORI Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Tonic or still lotion

Many people confuse these two cosmetics. Despite the fact that both of them are designed to cleanse the skin, there is one fundamental difference between them.

Tonic does not wash off cosmetics, it is used as the final stage of cleansing the skin immediately after you have removed all the impurities from the face (cleansed the skin with milk, micellar water or washed with gel and foam).The main purpose of the tonic is to equalize the pH of the skin, soften and moisturize it after washing.

Now manufacturers love to make facial tonics that are universal in composition that are suitable for any skin type.

Products in the photo: liposomal cleansing and moisturizing lotion, Sesderma; tonic for dry skin “Ginshen”, Elemis; refreshing and regenerating facial toner, Belif; moisturizing facial toner, Caudalie; animating tonic, Guinot; tonic with high mineral content, Cremorlab; lotion – tonic for the face “Comfort”, Thalion; moisturizing facial toner, Pulanna

As for the lotion, alcohol-containing components are often added to its composition. And you can use it after washing with a cleanser, and instead of it. Lotions are more intended for oily, combination, problem skin.Many people confuse micellar water with lotion or tonic. These are fundamentally different means!