After Megan Markle appeared, Harry changed a lot.

Prince Harry has always been not only a favorite of the public, but the countless staff of the palace who spoke of him as the kindest soul of man. True, the wedding with Megan Markle radically changed his character. Sends Clutch .

Duncan Larcombe, the biographer of Prince Harry, his confidant and former royal editor of The Sun. He has been watching royal family members for a very long time and knows the character of Prince Harry very well.

According to Duncan, before Harry was a very cheerful and open person who was easy to contact. The prince communicated with the press easily and naturally. For example, he arranged private parties for journalists after each tour to thank them for their work. Under the influence of his wife, Harry completely stopped talking to the press.

The staff of the royal palace, too, loved Harry, who spoke with them at ease and joked a lot. But now they no longer recognize the prince. Servants always disliked Megan, who was too arrogant about them, and now Harry has become the same.

The servants of the royal palace say sadly about the changes in the prince:”Most of all, people liked his open heart in Harry, his earthiness in a good sense, simplicity. He never took himself too seriously, but now he has changed in this respect too.”

Duncan Larcombe commented on the changes in Harry’s character:

“Harry always tries to protect Megan. If she feels tired or under stress, he acts from her face. Megan cannot be blamed for something now, she masters her most important role and tries to put all her strength into this work. Yes, she sends important letters to her team at 5 am, but she’s just very passionate about it. Harry is trying to teach and protect everything. Behind closed doors, he is under a lot of pressure because of this. ”