Natalia Kovaleva, the founder and head of the model agency/model school of ICONIC, spoke about the event, which took place not so long ago in Moscow.

“The year 2018 was declared the year of the Commonwealth of Russia and Vietnam, and this was the occasion of the fashion show Royal Magic Show, which was held at the Hanoi-Moscow Aparthotel. The models of our agency ICONIC participated in the show – five guys and ten girls of Asian appearance who demonstrated the clothes of designer Svetlana Ventura. They fit perfectly into the concept of the show! For the organization of the event, the style and images of the models were answered by the guys from Style.delo, our partners with whom we did the art film “Love is”, the closed premiere of which also took place at the event. It turned out a fascinating and very interesting show. A special, almost magical atmosphere was created by our numerous guests, among whom were members of the popular TV project “The Battle of Psychics”, dressed in black. Personally, I felt that I am on a certain coven and it is an incredible feeling! As guests, we had a lot of stars and celebrities and filmed the event and broadcast live channel Celebrity TV.

I personally had the feeling that everything went at the highest level, just as I used to do my job. In short, the project turned out to be interesting, high-quality, and right now we are discussing new opportunities for cooperation with Style.delo magazine. The guys there work very talented and after the show, they are confident in us, in our forces and capabilities, they are all satisfied. By the way, literally a couple of weeks after this event, some of the guys who participated in it received offers from different customers for the shooting, which I am very happy about, ”shared Natalia Kovaleva.