Famous actress showed a nice photo and told about the move

Ekaterina Varnava, a well-known Russian TV presenter and star of the popular comedy TV project Comedy Woman, actively leads a page on Instagram and often pleases fans with the news of her life. This time, a celebrity in her account published an unusual photo, which was a little surprised by the fans.

So, in the photo Ekaterina Varnava appeared to the public in a funny way, while in the caption she talks about a one-way ticket and a move. The TV star appeared in the photo in a long white T-shirt, over which she put on a green warm sweater. At the same time her legs are bare, only shod in white sneakers. Katya poses on the quay by the beach and the sea. Her hair is disheveled by the wind, and her eyes are dark glasses.

“Continuing the theme of moving … You know, I am glad that among my audience there were many people loyal to me and those who are not familiar with the topic” one way ticket “. In other words, I treat those with great respect and idle curiosity who moves. And not just to the next house, but really changes geographic coordinates, climate zone, time zone, etc.

I think it would be appropriate to rejoice at the huge number of people who received land in the Far East and are already planning to move (if you have not moved yet … remember such an action was “fill out an application and get 1 hectare”, I think, acts … who knows?). You see, it’s not banal to come to Moscow, it’s not to be sent to Siberia and for your wives not to go to the ends of the world for your loved ones, it’s not to meet a foreigner on the Internet and go to Europe !!! This is a real conscious choice to leave like and close, but far away, not to the West, but to the East) And, in my opinion, the stories of these people are much more curious and more interesting than tales of a thousand and one nights on dry land in the process of conquering America from bloggers. .. since Hollywood about it has already shot everything up and down … not so interesting anymore. Would you move to another city / region / country / planet / dimension? If yes,