Will check under the new rules

In Ukraine, subsidies will be checked even three years after they lost payments.

In this case, everyone who receives payments from the state, including retirees, will undergo a three-step test.

This innovation is approved by the Cabinet. 

How and who will be checked by the new rules. 

New verification mechanism approved by the Cabinet. In order to make it work, the document must be supported by people’s deputies; 
Information on all recipients of social assistance will come in a single database; 
The audit will be conducted in three stages, the latter may last three years after the cancellation of payments; 
Payments will only be disposed of by those who broke the rules; 
A single platform will be created and a new mechanism implemented.

The current system of verification (verification) of state payments, confident in the government, should change. In order for budget money not to go to families with salaries in envelopes or false retirees, checks will be strengthened.

In Ukraine, pensions will be reduced: who and how will be affected:

If the bill is adopted, information about everyone who asked for help, will fall on a special platform. Here you can see all open bank accounts and balances on them, information on the actual place of residence, passport data, TIN, data from the tax, etc. In addition, the platform will be updated with data from various registries. A car or real estate has been registered, a big purchase – all this can be traced through registries or a bank account.

The check will be in three stages: before giving help, when receiving help and after. According to the bill, if, for example, a subsidiary began to earn more and lost the right to a discount, the Ministry of Finance is entitled to follow it for another three years after that.

“Verification of information about recipients who do not receive assistance in the period of up to 3 years is allowed,” says the bill. 

If irregularities were identified during the audit, the Ministry of Finance should contact the agency that appointed the payment. This could be the Pension Fund, the Ministry of Social Policy, etc. After that, there are 15 days to check and decide again, take help, or this is a registry error.

According to the document, the amount of unlawfully received allowance is returned to the state in the amount prescribed by law. If we are talking about subsidies, you will have to return the full amount of the illegal discount. For example, if a Ukrainian bought himself a TV set worth UAH 50,999 (any amount from UAH 50,000), and before that he added 70,000 UAH to his card, the Ministry of Finance may show such a purchase, the subsidy will be removed, and if it turns out that the money for Ukrainian TV earned in the “shadows”, and his real salary is 30 thousand, not 3.7 thousand, as he declared, then the whole subsidy should be returned to the budget.