The sixth season of the music show “Voice. Children ”starts in February. The soloists of the ensemble “Fidget” will become participants in the project.

About how to prepare a child for a musical show, said Elena Pinjoyan – the head of “Fidget”.

Elena Pingjoyan

Now the popularity around the “Voice” is such that sometimes the influence of parents is simply not enough – the children are eager to participate. And, if you decide to plunge into this pool, then just follow my simple rules that will help you and your child to survive any competition.

There are self-sufficient children who are able to work calmly and systematically on themselves in their usual activities, without even thinking of proving anything to anyone. But for most of the guys, the opportunity to show themselves is very important as an incentive for self-improvement and an opportunity to strengthen self-esteem.

Competition, competition, and any event where you have to prove your professional competence, can go to a child both for good and for harm.And the parent’s task is to prepare him for the test so that it does not break the fragile childish psyche.

Worry and win

Excitement on the eve of a performance or just before going on stage is normal. Everybody is excited: both world champions and honored artists. Even Alla Pugacheva is still worried before going on stage.

Adrenaline, produced in the process of experiencing, makes a person more expressive, accumulates the energy that an artist needs so much. The main thing – to send this excitement in the right direction, so that it helps, provoke the child, and not scare him. If the excitement goes beyond all limits, and you yourself cannot help your child cope with it, immediately contact a specialist. Behind the scenes of “Voices” are always psychologists. They will find the right words and help your baby.

Do not look at the chair

It is very important for parents to understand and be able to convey to their son or daughter that any creative competition is far from a fateful event, not a crucial stage on which the whole future life depends.

There is no need to dwell on goals to take a prize or to win at any cost, otherwise a possible loss can be too serious a disappointment for a child.Participation in the competition is useful in itself, in any case, it will help better assess the results already achieved and understand what needs to be improved.

Therefore, let your little artist, if possible, not at all think about being evaluated. Or that he may be better or worse than his peers.

Before releasing the children to the “Voices” stage, I say a million times: “Guys, do not you look at these terrible chairs! Do not expect them to turn to you. Do not pay attention to the backs of the judges, look into the hall above their heads. Choose a kind viewer and sing to him. The main thing is to work out for one hundred percent, and it doesn’t matter if they turn to you or not. ”

Spread out the speech scheme to the child. For example:

“There is a song that you sing, emotions that you need to show in your speech, viewers who want to listen to you. And the jury is the tenth case. ”

Give up the stick, gingerbread – the key to success

Get into a habit: to celebrate any unsuccessful performance at the competition as a small family holiday.Delight your child with something, because he is already well done, because he was able to participate in a serious event.

You can, for example, go with him to a cafe, eat ice cream or buy a cake and sit at home.

Let the novice artist understand that nothing terrible happened.