In 2016, the Thai federal government plundered the infamous Tiger Temple in Thailand. For several years, troublesome monks were promoting their tiger refuge as an area where male and also monster resided in tranquility. Thousands of hundreds of vacationers travelled through their entrances and also spent for the possibility to obtain up-close and also individual with tiger cubs. What they didn’t recognize was that behind the scenes of this supposed “tranquil park” was a real scary program.

When the Division of National Parks lastly got here, they located almost 150 tigers and also a genuine gold mine of tiger items predestined for the underground market. According to the New York Times: officials seized 1,600 tiger parts, including pelts, amulets fashioned from skins, scores of teeth, 40 dead cubs found in a freezer and 20 more preserved in jars.

This picture was launched by the Division of National Parks, Wild Animals and also Plant Preservation, authorities check out the remains of tiger cubs and also a bear set out at the Tiger Temple in Saiyok area in Kanchanaburi district, west of Bangkok, Thailand, Wednesday, June 1, 2016. A Thai national forests authorities claims authorities have located 40 dead tiger cubs in a fridge freezer at a Buddhist temple that ran as an admission-charging zoo.

The Tiger Temple raid was a long period of time coming for pet legal rights lobbyists that wished that it was the start of a countrywide suppression on the captive tiger industry. Yet considering that the raid, points have just become worse for the tigers throughout Thailand.

In the 3 years considering that the Tiger Temple was plundered, over half of the tigers saved by the federal government have died. In addition, tiger parks haven’t started to vanish, they have been progressively growing and also currently number almost 70 with an overall variety of 2,000 pets in their “care.”

These centers earn money from vacationers that pay huge dollars to feed and also pet tiger cubs. When the tigers are expanded, they are butchered for their components and also offered on the underground market.

Thai authorities originally plundered the unlicensed Tiger Temple to reveal that they take pet well-being seriously. The globe saw as the 147 tigers were “saved.” Yet considering that, Thailand has actually faltered. Neither pet well-being neither public uproar has actually functioned to urge them to finish tiger parks and also ranches within their boundaries.

This is inappropriate. We have to deal with to finish tiger parks and also ranches in Thailand and also throughout the globe. It is time for Bangkok to pay attention to the countless individuals worldwide that rage concerning the therapy of captive wild pets held detainee in these dreadful establishments throughout Thailand.

Please authorize this Care2 request to require that Thailand ban tiger bondage and also guarantee that those presently in bondage locate haven in a trustworthy refuge. SIGN HERE!

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Urge Thailand To Ban The Cruel Captive Tiger Industry After Thousands Of Tigers Have Suffered & Died At The Tiger Temple & Other Tourist Traps