The head of state reacted to the situation with the disease.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Veronika Skvortsova, during a meeting of the President of Russia with members of the Government presented a report on the incidence of influenza in the country. She reported that in the near future outbreaks of influenza in various regions are predicted. This situation can continue in Russia until the spring. Vladimir Putin responded to data on the spread of the disease and gave advice on what to do to avoid infection.In order to be less sick, you need to do more sports,

– quotes the head of state Channel One .

In turn, Veronika Skvortsova advised Russians in the coming weeks to refuse to attend mass events, and also to attend to their own protection from the disease. In particular, the minister urged to monitor the purity of the gadgets. Wash your hands often and monitor the cleanliness of the gadgets that are brought to your face,

Recall earlier Rospotrebnadzor gaverecommendations for the prevention of influenza. At the first symptoms of a sick person, it is recommended to stay at home in order not to infect others, as well as try to isolate yourself from other family members. The ministry calls on parents of sick children not to be taken to general educational institutions, as well as to cultural events.