Learn how and what they teach those who are planning to become a foster parent.

Diana Mashkova, a writer, a journalist, the head of the Enlightenment program of the Arithmetic of Good Foundation, a mother of four children, three of whom are foster children, told Letidor all about what the School of foster parents is, what it is for, what it is for be trained, and also shared her personal experience.

The first step for anyone who is thinking about adopting or guarding an orphan child is the School of adoptive parents (PDS). Training in it lasts about two months, at the exit candidates receive a certificate, which, by analogy with the certificate of maturity and the diploma of higher education, is valid for the whole life.

Education in the PDS is free and arranged so that people are comfortable: classes are held in the evenings or on weekends. But still, many candidates are not happy with the prospect of “losing” two months on the school bench.

The arguments against studying are very different: from “I have no time” to “I have already raised three children and I know how it should be.”

In this situation, the question arises: Is the school of adoptive parents a formal requirement of the state, or is it the need of the people themselves who plan to accept an orphan into the family?

Why do we need Schools of adoptive parents

My husband and I studied at the School of adoptive parents six years ago.

Then this training has just become mandatory: in the fall of 2012 a new law came into force and a single program was approved, developed by the Ministry of Education. Prior to this, the PDS in the country were voluntary. If you want – learn, do not want – do not.

But experts noted that those foster families who received training, much less returns: they rarely refuse children. People think and try on life with a foster child “on the shore”, even before meeting an orphan. They do not hover in the clouds, but firmly understand that raising an orphaned child is a special work and it is different from raising a blood child.

Obligatory PDS have become precisely for this purpose – to serve as prevention of returns.